• Tracy Friedlander

Five Teaching Studio Myths - Debunked!

Who here has made their teaching biz #1 priority when it comes to *income* right now? ⁣

Nearly all income from performing and orchestra gigs vanished overnight last March. Because of that, most musicians need their teaching income more than ever.⁣

… and likely, what would be better is if it were MORE income.⁣

Thing is, when your side-hustle becomes your main hustle, there are probably a lot of ways you’re leaving money on the table. Believe me, I hear a lot of things from musicians that I know are MYTHS - but they’re thought of as hard truths by most people.⁣

That is why I put together something for you to bust up these myths STAT so you can make more money in your teaching business. And it’s my GIFT to you. ⁣

If you’ve ever thought any of these things and want to know the TRUTH, this report is for you… check it out:⁣

Myth #1: My studio is full - I can’t fit more students even if I wanted to (more students is the only way I can make more money)⁣

Myth #2: I can’t let go of students that don’t practice… I need the money⁣

Myth #3: I can’t be too specific about the level of student I teach… I need the money so I’ll teach anyone⁣

Myth #4: I can’t charge more than the “going rate” in my area⁣

Myth #5: I can’t charge the same for online lessons as I do for in-person lessons⁣

Have you ever thought any of these thoughts? ⁣

If so - you’re gonna want to read my new report.⁣

In this short but sweet PDF I’m going to not only debunk Myths 1-5, and I’m also going to share with you:⁣

The simplest way to increase your income almost immediately in your studio⁣

How to set yourself apart from the competition and become the obvious choice for your ideal student (and it’s NOT by lowering your price!)⁣

The communication secrets to set the stage for attracting and keeping students you adore⁣

The #1 way you can start to think differently about what you offer to increase your income⁣

How to insure that you never have to have that awkward “uhh you forgot to pay me” conversation with people again⁣

I’m pretty sure this will have you thinking differently about the potential for your income and your teaching business.⁣

If you want to read this report click HERE and I'll send it to you!

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