• Tracy Friedlander

Crushing the classical musician identity limitation

Updated: Feb 27

Two weeks ago on Crushing Classical I released an interview with Sarah Belle Reid all about her career as a recording artist, performer, and teacher using electronics combined with trumpet playing.

We talked about her journey to creating herself as a multi-instrumental musician… something that took her some time to identify and own.

Sarah shed the “real trumpet player” or “real musician” expectations around the traditional path… and it took time but she talks about that process.

We discussed how she tried things outside of her comfort zone, how she felt while doing it, and what it did for her beliefs about being a musician.

What we’re really talking about here is shedding the classical musician “identity”. That doesn’t mean that you can’t BE a classical musician or that it’s wrong… but that *IDENTITY* piece becomes a real problem when you try to create and make something better for your life… whether that’s in your performing life, your teaching life - or life as a business owner (did you know that stuff can follow you around no matter what you’re doing?)

I hope you’ll have a listen… you can find the episode HERE.

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