• Tracy Friedlander

Gone are the days of *titles* as the only way to be known

Updated: Feb 27

Musicians have absorbed the idea that to only way to BECOME KNOWN for something is to be awarded a title.

Principal X of the Chicago Symphony.

Associate Principal X in the LA Phil

Concertmaster of the X Symphony Orchestra

Professor of X at Juilliard

Yes - that’s true. You can become known for that position if you achieve one of them in your career.

But why is this?

Generations of people before you worked their tails off to make these top 5 orchestras and music schools prestigious.

And in order to get some of that prestigious gold for your own title, you still have to earn it by auditioning for that position and being chosen. You have to rise to the top and compete against droves of others who also want the same thing.

But that’s only one way to become known for something.

A little known *other* way of becoming known is by making it happen by yourself.

By choosing yourself.

Not by winning a title - by deciding that you are worth investing in yourself long enough to make it happen for you. Without a care about what other people think. By crushing doubt (even when it crops up) because you stand for it happening. By deciding that this is happening no matter what.

These big name places didn’t start with prestige.

They built it.

But what’s available to you if you decide that you want to be known for something?

You can build it.

It’s not easy… probably just as difficult as acquiring a position like the ones listed above.

But when you build it yourself, you control it. You build it. You own it.

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