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Tracy Friedlander of Crushing Classical invites you to join


Online Empire Blueprint


A 10-week intensive starting October 2020




Do you...


  • Already teach online and wonder what it could look like to SCALE and reach even more students?

  • Are you at a career intersection and looking to create something entirely new in the online space?

  • Are you curious about the opportunity potential both online AND offline when more people know about you, your expertise and what you do?


Imagine being able to create something for people who know, like and trust you and work - and being PAID to be the expert in their lives.


Imagine being recognized and appreciated for your performing work - and finding *new* opportunities you can’t even see right now


Imagine making an IMPACT on the world around you in a new way - and changing people’s lives in the process.


Imagine the FREEDOM you can create in your life from not feeling obligated to say *yes* to gigs you don’t actually want to do!


Things are REALLY taking off in my business because of working with Tracy. Since starting coaching with her, I’ve been introduced to a whole new community of like-minded musicians and have made tons of new connections. Getting clear on my messaging with her has really helped me be more consistent, and the posts I’m putting out now have really broadened my reach, making it possible to find new potential clients. She also helped me design TWO new offers, things my audience clearly needed. In just a matter of weeks I increased my income by $2500! And just this week I signed a NEW client for a longer package at the tune of $2000!


I am super grateful to be working with Tracy, and I know this is just the beginning!








~ Jenny Clift, EFT Tapping Coach for Musicians

In classical music, you’re taught there are only a few paths to “success”: landing a job in an orchestra or ensemble, making it as a soloist or an opera singer on the world’s big stages or you teach at the university level or in a school system.


Of course there’s the freelancer path, like me. You can reach the heights there, too, playing with the best orchestras in the world… but without the job security and title. Often this path is so stressful because, if you’re in this boat like I was, you can’t rely on always knowing your future income. And you take gigs because you need the money or you feel obligated, with each ‘no’ answer you give threatening the future of your livelihood?!


And especially now in the current global crisis - there is far too much uncertainty to “wait and see” what happens for any of the above traditional paths.


Since starting Crushing Classical podcast in 2016, I’ve discovered there are MULTIPLE paths available. So many you can’t even count. The possibilities are endless. From performance-based ensembles or solo careers to musician-entrepreneurs who have created 6-figure businesses from their online endeavors - their incredible stories are there in our real-talk interviews.


And here is the crucial thing to know about their success: they built an AUDIENCE.


✔️ WITH an audience, you have POWER.

✔️ You have sway with presenters.

✔️ You can bring in a CROWD.

✔️ You can REACH people directly for your performances or your educational offering.


Whether it’s teaching or an opportunity for people to hear you perform - when you have an audience of your own, you know what they want and you know who you are creating it for!


Musicians are used to having the audience piece built for them - it’s how the model is designed. It’s just how it is - you never learn how to build your own in school. The management of the orchestra or opera company does the marketing and you come prepared to play your part.


But when you go off on your own, you need to attract your audience.

And today with the internet, IT’S POSSIBLE.


The gatekeepers are gone. But it takes a certain skill set to attract the right people to you and build that know, like, trust factor.


“Before working with Tracy in her program, I had an awareness about how to monetize online but hadn’t yet figured out exactly how to do it.

After joining her program, Tracy helped me to realize that all of the work I’d been doing for YEARS was actually a perfect set-up for the course I wanted to create.  That I actually already had the credibility I needed, and also had the knowledge and ability to offer value.

The launch period was more work than I had expected, and more stress - but also weirdly exciting.  At the end of the free training, I had scheduled 15 discovery calls, and in the end, I had 6 people join my program, resulting in earnings that were triple my investment in the program.

Working with Tracy was fantastic - I loved that every time I spoke with her- prelaunch - she had looked at my online materials and had really helpful and concrete suggestions to improve my public face.  As I launched, I needed every bit of the support she provided.  As we have gone through the course, I’ve been more and more on my own, which feels appropriate, as I feel confident that I know what needs to happen next.

In this uncertain time, I veer between feeling confident in my ability to pivot and create income - and feeling lost and unsure about when and how to try to sell more. I feel different things on different days.  But I’m shockingly unworried about the future.  I AM confident in my value as a musician, teacher, and coach, and I can turn that on when I need it. And I’ve grown my audience and connected with them in a way that I had not previously thought possible.”

~ Jennet Ingle, Jennet Ingle Oboist, The Invincible Oboist Program 



  • Being able to grow an engaged community around your unique point of view and the work you do

  • Having an audience who knows, likes and trusts you so when you create a program or service, they look to YOU for those answers

  • The freedom to say *no* to work you no longer want to do

  • Not having to wait and find out what happens next… because you control your own destiny!



I’m accepting a group of highly motivated, forward thinking musicians into the next round of Online Empire Blueprint, my signature 10-week program.


We START with building the foundation to attract YOUR audience in all the right places for YOU. 


The program is organized into five 2-week sprints:


Sprint 1: Weeks 1 & 2: Branding/Platform 

In sprint one you’ll be clarifying your brand, zeroing in on who your audience is, and navigating which platforms to invest your energy. You don’t have to be everywhere, you just need to show up consistently where you choose and where it makes the most sense for the people you wish to serve. By the end of this sprint, you’ll have a clear idea of your branding and who your ideal audience member/potential client is.


Sprint 2: Weeks 3 & 4: Content/Authority 

How do you express your authority? How does this come through in your content? In Sprint 2 you will be focusing on writing, expressing yourself through your content and how to bring out your philosophies on the things that really matter for what you will ultimately get paid to do.


Sprint 3: Weeks 5 & 6: Email list/Strategies to build email lists

EMAIL! The most important piece of the puzzle. You’ll get your email list up-and-running and learn exactly how to get people to happily sign up for your email list and be excited to hear from you when you write to them. The key to being able to launch a program or effectively sell something to an audience is connected to having an email list. This is what we focus on in Sprint 3.


Sprint 4: Weeks 7 & 8: Communication:

The KEY to getting what you want, while always bringing VALUE

Where do clients/students come from? Where do dedicated fans come from? How can you spread the word faster about what you do? In this sprint you’ll learn strategies on HOW to zero in and connect with the right people who will want to work with you, how to communicate value and how to take a stand for who you are and what you do in your business! Sprint 4 is an important step!


Sprint 5: Weeks 9 + 10: Content Strategy: scheduling and getting things consistent 

Bringing it all together - developing your content strategy that helps you continue to grow and expand your audience. You’ll learn more about automating some of your audience building and workload so you can continue to write and publish content that will speak to your ideal student, client or audience member.


"Joining Tracy's Online Empire Blueprint was one of the best decisions I have made for my business.  As always, Tracy goes above and beyond the call of duty to be certain we have the tools we need to succeed in transporting our message loudly and clearly. The group element was vital in copy editing/bouncing ideas/tech support/and so much more. I learned so many things in 10 weeks that I probably wouldn't have mastered in a whole year. During this time, I launched and developed my interview series #techniquetalks, launched my FB group, grew my email list by 4 times, and doubled my monthly income. For anyone who is thinking about working with Tracy, I say, don't think,  just do it!"



~ Julia Radosz, Soprano


Hey there, 


I’m Tracy Friedlander, business and audience building coach to professional musicians.


I’m also a horn player, podcaster and ensemble founder.


In 2016 I was at a career crisis - I found myself unfulfilled and wishing for that acknowledgement and appreciation that just wasn’t going to come from being a freelancer/extra in an orchestra. It wasn’t possible.


But I was stuck. I knew I didn’t want to get back on the audition track. I’d already done that - in fact, a few times I tried it again and discovered NO - that route wasn’t what I wanted, either.


So I took to the internet. I started researching. What I found? Many musicians were out there, creating their OWN path. I needed to know more… and Crushing Classical podcast was born.


Over the last four years I built the foundation to create income streams for myself where I am the boss… and it started because of building an AUDIENCE.


✔️ Now I don’t have to say *yes* to gigs or work I don’t want to do


✔️ I launched my own ensemble - one that has given me more musical fulfillment than any concert I’ve ever played with an orchestra


✔️ I work from home, online - so I have freedom to go where I want and live where I want… something that wasn’t possible when I was gigging!


I’ve never been more fulfilled in my work because I know I can reach people directly and make an impact on their lives - AND I have control over my income.


Do you want to join me and see how building an audience can change your career and your future? Here’s what I want you to know:


✔️ It doesn’t matter if you’re just starting out growing your audience or you already have one… this is information you can use at any stage


✔️ This group isn’t only about social media - it’s about breaking down those ingrained beliefs and thought patterns from being brought up in the classical music education system. We dive into mindset, as well - because this is the key to longevity in what you’re doing


✔️ Creating personalized programs or 1:1 packages for your teaching is the fastest way to creating a new income stream… and in this program, you’ll learn the details on how to do that, while simultaneously growing your audience for your future offers


✔️ With my unique approach and expertise on visibility, audience building and setting up a structure and model that works, it’s totally possible for you… But it’s up to YOU to do the work and take action.

“Before meeting Tracy, I definitely had fears, insecurities, and doubts about stepping out and building my online presence, let alone creating a “business”.


Through Tracy’s example and coaching, I was able to dismantle the limiting beliefs that were holding me back from venturing out and creating my own opportunities. Tracy has been invaluable in guiding me through the step-by-step process of building an engaged audience and creating my first program, my Summer Violin Bootcamp!


It was so much easier to get started on this journey with Tracy coaching me along the way and through the support of Tracy’s private group. The group dynamic is one of the greatest features in enrolling in Tracy’s program! I have benefitted so much from not only Tracy’s expertise but from the combined resources and talents of the individuals in the group.


In the middle of Tracy’s program, Online Empire Blueprint - and before I had even officially launched my Summer Violin Bootcamp - I had already hit a five-figure income, something I didn’t think was possible during a pandemic!


I look forward to continuing to work with Tracy as I learn how to scale my business even further.”





Dr. Lynn Kuo  

‘Violin with Dr. Lynn’ 

Summer Violin Bootcamp with Dr. Lynn


Here is how you can join Online Empire Blueprint --->


Online Empire Blueprint is a 10-week group program structured in five 2-week sprints. 


Online Empire Blueprint: Each week you’ll have a live training or group coaching call (conducted on Zoom) with a dedicated Facebook Group for the support and community. Because the trainings are live, the program is highly personalized - you’ll always get your questions answered and have support both from me and from the community - all musicians who are excited to begin or continue this journey. (And if you can’t make the live training, you can catch the replay; all trainings and coachings are recorded)




Online Empire Blueprint - group level: $1000 or three payments of $340

Not sure if the OEB is right for you? Let’s talk… Book a call HERE