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It's time to take the steps to more power and freedom in your career 

--->>>  Imagine being able to create something for people who know, like and trust you and work - and being PAID to be the expert in their lives.


--->>>  Imagine being recognized and appreciated for your performing work - and finding *new* opportunities you can’t even see right now


--->>>  Imagine making an IMPACT on the world around you in a new way - and changing people’s lives in the process.


--->>>  Imagine not feeling obligated to say *yes* to gigs you don’t actually want to do

"Working with Tracy is a dream come true! Rather than simply teaching the material, she works in collaboration with you. She consistently goes above and beyond to ideate, offer resources and provide feedback. She sees each person's unique potential and offers wisdom, insights and tools to help them grow. I trust Tracy completely. Always kind, she tells it like it is and never sugar coats. She gives that perfect balance of encouragement and tough love to inspire you to use your voice with more clarity, confidence and courage. Not only that, but Tracy is am an amazing community builder. Working with Tracy resulted in so many new relationships with people who have quickly become my dear friends and teammates."

Gina Morgano, The Practice Parlour Podcast

In classical music, you’re taught there are only a few paths to “success”

  • Landing a job in an orchestra or ensemble

  • Making it as a soloist or an opera singer on the world’s big stages

  • Teaching at the university level or in a school system.


Of course there’s the freelancer path, like me. You can reach the heights there, too, playing with the best orchestras in the world… but without the job security and title. Often this path is stressful; if you’re in this boat like I was, you can’t rely on always knowing your future income. You take every gigs because you can't say 'no', you need the money or you feel obligated. With every ‘no’ you give, you are threatening the future of your livelihood!


And now, with the current global crisis, every single one of these paths is at risk.


Since starting Crushing Classical podcast in 2016, I’ve discovered there are MULTIPLE other paths available.  From performance-based ensembles and solo careers to musician-entrepreneurs who have created 6-figure teaching and coaching businesses - their incredible stories are right there in our real-talk interviews.


BUT here is the crucial thing to know about any of their success: they all have built an AUDIENCE.


--->>>  WITH an audience, you have POWER.

--->>>  You have sway with presenters.

--->>>  You can bring in a CROWD.

--->>>  You can REACH people directly for your performances or your educational offering.

--->>>  You have people - fans who see you as an authority - to offer something to and get PAID


THIS is where we START in Online Empire Blueprint.

OEB is a 12-week digital program with the best of both worlds: digital content to consume and repeat on your own schedule, with twice a month group coaching calls for support, to get your questions answered, and take you from biz-clueless musician to musician-entrepreneur business owner.


  • Being able to grow an engaged community around your unique point of view and the work you do

  • Having an audience who knows, likes and trusts you so when you create a program or service, they look to YOU for those answers

  • The freedom to say *no* to work you no longer want to do

  • Not having to wait and find out what happens next… because you control your own future!



I’m now accepting a group of highly motivated, forward thinking musicians into the next round of Online Empire Blueprint, my signature 12-week program.


We START with building the foundation to attract YOUR audience in all the right places for YOU. 


The program is organized into five 2-week sprints with 2 bonus weeks for extra support:


Sprint 1: Weeks 1 & 2: Branding and Starting a CONVERSATION

In sprint one you’ll be clarifying your brand, zeroing in on who your audience is, and navigating which platforms to invest your energy. You don’t have to be everywhere, you just need to show up consistently where you choose and where it makes the most sense for you and start a conversation.

By the end of this sprint, you’ll have a clear idea of your branding and who your ideal audience member/potential client is.


Sprint 2: Weeks 3 & 4: Building AUTHORITY

How do you write and speak in a way that makes people listen? In Sprint 2 you will be focusing on writing, publishing content that speaks to the things that really matter to your ideal client for what you will ultimately get paid to do.


Sprint 3: Weeks 5 & 6: Your MAGIC Marketing Tool: EMAIL

EMAIL! The most important piece of the puzzle. You’ll get your email list up-and-running and learn exactly how to get people to happily sign up for your email list and be excited to hear from you when you write to them. The key to being able to launch a program or effectively sell something to an audience is connected to having an email list. This is what we focus on in Sprint 3.


Sprint 4: Weeks 7 & 8: Reimagining Getting PAID

Sprint 4 is all about designing, packaging and exploring the ways YOU can create something for your audience to buy from you. This is how you make money, but it's HIGH TIME you stopped working your tail off trading time for money. There's a better way - and this is what you'll learn in this Sprint.


Not only that - we cover the most important thing: SALES. It's a dirty word in a musicians' mind, but we're going to crush those ideas and by the end of this Sprint, you'll be creatively inventing ways to serve your audience at a high level, get paid what you deserve, and master the art of enrolling people in what you're up to. 

Sprint 5: Weeks 9 + 10: Communication/Consistency/Strategy

The KEY to getting what you want, while always bringing VALUE

Where do clients/students come from? Where do dedicated fans come from? How can you spread the word faster about what you do? In this sprint you’ll learn strategies on HOW to zero in and connect with the right people who will want to work with you, how to communicate value and how to take a stand for who you are and what you do in your business! Sprint 5 is an important step!

I joined the Online Empire Blueprint program right after I created my practice of business coaching & consulting for musicians. Building a brand new business is intense, and I knew that I needed a guiding hand to help with the visibility aspect of this new venture.


I’ve heard of Tracy’s work through colleagues and decided to check her out. What resonated with me right off the bat was the fact that she was able to build her own very visible brand, and so I knew she’d have tried-and-true strategies and ideas to share with us. What I didn’t know was just HOW MUCH VALUE she would provides!


Tracy went above and beyond for the group! She dedicated time to explaining how the different marketing tools work, answered questions thoroughly in our group coaching calls, gave insight from her own experiences, and helped push all of us to fulfill our potentials.


I highly recommend taking this course!"


Gilad Paz, The Marketable Musician

The doors to Online Empire Blueprint open up in mid-January 2021.

To find out more details and to get on the waiting list CLICK HERE