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​Online Empire Blueprint is a 10-Week program that takes you from lost about what direction you're going to building your online presence and business. You'll learn how to write and communicate to become known in your niche about the work you do. You'll learn how to communicating your mission and create value for your audience both in your free and paid offers for your community. You'll be building your business... your OWN Online Empire.

"Through Tracy’s example and coaching, I was able to dismantle the limiting beliefs that were holding me back from venturing out and creating my own opportunities. Tracy has been invaluable in guiding me through the step-by-step process of building an engaged audience and creating my first program, my Summer Violin Bootcamp!


It was so much easier to get started on this journey with Tracy coaching me along the way and through the support of Tracy’s private group. The group dynamic is one of the greatest features in enrolling in Tracy’s program! I have benefitted so much from not only Tracy’s expertise but from the combined resources and talents of the individuals in the group.


In the middle of Tracy’s program, Online Empire Blueprint - and before I had even officially launched my Summer Violin Bootcamp - I had already hit a five-figure income, something I didn’t think was possible during a pandemic!


I look forward to continuing to work with Tracy as I learn how to scale my business even further.”


Dr. Lynn Kuo  

‘Violin with Dr. Lynn’ 

Summer Violin Bootcamp with Dr. Lynn


Online Empire Blueprint is the highly personalized group coaching program from Crushing Classical.

For 10-weeks you'll gain clarity around what you want to offer and then dive into cultivating your unique messaging around your  offer. The key to this is communicating your philosophy and core values - so you can attract the right kind of student, client or audience member who appreciates YOU. 


You'll start there, zeroing in on who you are and how what you do is unique - and then reverse-engineer your messaging in an authentic way to build the engaged audience around who you are and what you offer. 

Audience building and content creation isn't just for online popularity - your goal is to grow an engaged following who looks to you for answers - answers you create with the programs, courses or whatever you create.

By starting on and/or continuing your audience building with intention, you are building your own credibility and your body of work.
Visibility and entrepreneurship is also a mindset - and this program deals with that mindset so you can feel confident and at ease with sharing online. You will work through visibility blocks around what keeps you from saying the things or creating the things you want so you can connect with your audience on a deeper level. Doubts and fears melt away as you forge ahead with what you're creating during this program.
By the end of the 10 weeks, you'll have clarity around your message and a library of content to stay consistent in your audience building efforts. I want you to have a strategy around it so you can be consistent... because consistency is the key to seeing growth, as well as to feeling confident and ready to speak as an authority.
The program consists of 5 themed 2-Week Sprints: 5 training calls and 5 live group coaching calls, as well as a private Facebook community for support. All calls are held on Zoom, creating a highly personalized experience. The private Facebook group community is one of the most powerful components of the group, where you get support and interaction with your new colleagues on this journey with you.


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