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You have passion, talent and oodles of expertise in a variety of areas. The classical music space is being transformed right now, as hundreds of musicians have already built businesses around what they're passionate about sharing with the world.

Are you next?

My upcoming training is going to reveal exactly what musicians need to do - whether you're a teacher OR a performer - to begin sharing your expertise with the masses, creating opportunity and new sources of income for you in your career.

Reveal Your Masterwork training is happening SOON --->

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1:1 WORK

Going SOLO isn't fun when you're venturing out into the wild west of building a business online.

I have helped many musician entrepreneurs with launching new group programs, gaining new 1:1 clients - and the hard part - communicating WHAT they do and how they do it through their public presence.

People want to connect and improve... but they need to know who you are and what you do before they'll take the plunge.

If you're at a place in your business where you need an extra push to get more clients or more visibility, let's talk about it - contact me below...

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“Things are REALLY taking off in my business because of working with Tracy. Since starting coaching with her, I’ve been introduced to a whole new community of like-minded musicians and have made tons of new connections. Getting clear on my messaging with her has really helped me be more consistent, and the posts I’m putting out now have really broadened my reach, making it possible to find new potential clients. She also helped me design TWO new offers, things my audience clearly needed. In just a matter of weeks I increased my income by $2500! And just this week I signed a NEW client for a longer package at the tune of $2000!


I am super grateful to be working with Tracy, and I know this is just the beginning!

Jenny Clift, EFT Tapping Coach for Musicians