How I went from

Career Coma to Career Freedom

in my music career

I'm a musician, audience building coach and leader of a groundbreaking movement in classical music career creation.

As a kid, I dreamed of playing my horn professionally and getting paid for it. Navigating that path was a solo job having come from parents who knew nothing of the music world. My path wasn't straight by any means.

For a long time, I lived the "city life" in Chicago. I supported myself playing in the freelance scene, teaching lessons, walking dogs and waiting tables. I eventually built up my teaching studio and played with the top regional orchestras, took lots of auditions and subbed regularly with the Chicago Symphony.


I won a job and left Chicago.


I quit that job and returned to Chicago.


I played as a guest principal horn in the Beijing Symphony (in China).


I played in opera, ballet and musical pits.

Occasionally I had money.

Mostly I had none.

I've been broke.

My apartment burned down and I lost everything. I even moved back in with my parents at age 30.


All this struggle because I had an insatiable hunger for the orchestral experience... and because I truly believed that's all I could do. I mean, what else can a classical musician DO?

Soon after returning from Beijing, I was the runner-up at an audition. I was offered a "full-time sub" position with the North Carolina Symphony. This was a BIG move for me - letting go of my addiction to Chicago and all the opportunities I perceived were there. It was in Raleigh that I experienced what it was like to have a full-time job in a busy traveling orchestra. I met a great guy, got married and worked full time for 10 seasons.


Eventually we started a family. I worked much less to spend more time with my daughter... finally had the space to STOP and BREATHE... and look around to see the world from a different perspective.

I saw the struggle of classical musicians. I vividly remembered my own struggle. I had many conversations with various classical musicians I knew, past and present. Listened to their stories. Listened to what they wanted...that they were often afraid to say out loud. I felt for them.


And then I looked around online and saw that more than a few classical musicians were doing unique things.


What did THEY see that I didn't see for years? What did they know that I didn't know back when I was trying to carve out a career? I set my sights on finding out exactly that. This search led to starting Crushing Classical, a podcast and a movement dedicated to the conversation about creating your own unique career as a classical musician, and a podcast interviewing brave and creative musicians who are doing it now.

Currently in the fifth season of Crushing Classical, the podcast has had over 150,000 downloads and continues to grow.

I now support musicians in their careers in a multitude of ways - through my individual and group coaching program, and my copywriting packages, I help people level up their careers and their businesses, create new opportunities, make money and create freedom in their lives.


Little did I know before starting Crushing Classical, what I would discover from building my own engaged audience from scratch: audience building is the first step in creating freedom in your career.

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"You either take control of your career or it takes control of you. It’s that simple."

Work With Me 

A little about me... 

  • Launched my podcast in 2016, has now reached over 150,000 downloads

  • My clients have collectively made well over 6-figures in 2019/2020 - even now during this tumultuous time

  • My business allowed me to move to Mexico this year - which is awesome because I've been obsessed with Mexican food since who knows when!

  • I'm a crazy Stevie Wonder fan and begged to be let out of a Christmas pops concert so I could go solo to his concert back in 2009; one of the best things I've ever done!