Helping classical musicians become visible and grow their audience

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Lynn Kuo, Violin with Dr. Lynn

Before meeting Tracy, I definitely had fears, insecurities, and doubts about stepping out and building my online presence, let alone creating a “business”.


Through Tracy’s example and coaching, I was able to dismantle the limiting beliefs that were holding me back from venturing out and creating my own opportunities. Tracy has been invaluable in guiding me through the step-by-step process of building an engaged audience and creating my first program, my Summer Violin Bootcamp!


It was so much easier to get started on this journey with Tracy coaching me along the way and through the support of Tracy’s private group. The group dynamic is one of the greatest features in enrolling in Tracy’s program! I have benefitted so much from not only Tracy’s expertise but from the combined resources and talents of the individuals in the group.


In the middle of Tracy’s program, Online Empire Blueprint - and before I had even officially launched my Summer Violin Bootcamp - I had already hit a five-figure income, something I didn’t think was possible during a pandemic!


I look forward to continuing to work with Tracy as I learn how to scale my business even further.

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Julia Radosz, Voice With Julia

Tracy always goes the extra mile. After my first launch, I went into my second launch and skipped a couple key steps. Tracy saw this happening and invited me for a “chat” in which she lovingly gave me concrete ideas to immediately implement. Her advice literally saved my launch. I sold out both my seminar and my group program in the pre-launch. Tracy’s advice is gold. 


For anyone looking for concrete business solutions, you need to book your call with her today!

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Lisa Neher, Soprano & Composer

Clarity, confidence, action items, and support. That's what you get when you work with Tracy. With only so many hours in the day, its hard to know the best way to use them to grow your audience and connect with the students , clients , audiences, and collaborators that you're dreaming of. Over just a few months of working with Tracy, I quadrupled my mailing list (and knew how to use it), signed up four new clients for specialized offers that served their needs better than weekly lessons and gave me more financial stability, launched my first online training, and got clarity on what to do on social media. Best of all, Tracy is there for you the whole time. It's a lot of work and stress to try new things and I wish for everyone who is growing their business and stepping into becoming visible to have Tracy on their team so you can move past anxious thoughts and self doubt, take big action steps, and create the life and career you're dreaming of. If you're wondering if you should reach out to her, just do it. You'll thank yourself.